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Medical lamps

When seeing clearly is of the utmost importance!

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Halogen Lamps

They are used for the equipment of endoscopy, surgery and medical analysis. They are also used for medical microscopy examination. Furthermore, it is also a lighting solution in the dental field.

Mercury Lamps

A reliable microscopy lighting that is an essential component of all laboratories and hospitals. Mercury discharge lamps are also used for teeth whitening and for hardening composite filings with blue light.

Xenon Lamps

These lamps are used for a wide range of medical devices that requires lighting applications such as surgical headlights, specialized microscopes and endoscopes.

Fluorescent UV germicidal

These fluorescent lamps are lighting solutions for the treatment of jaundice. The germicidal lamps are used to sterilize workspace and tools used in biology laboratories and also in medical facilities.


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Expertise in medical lighting

We have been in business for over 10 years, AVH Technologies offers you a wide variety of products in the field of medical lamps. In addition to being a licensed dealer of OSRAM specialized lamps for the entire province of Quebec, we have extended our service to all medical lamps products such as: Xenon, Mercury Discharge Lamp, Halogen, Incadescent, Fluorescent and Germicidal. We can also offer the following brands lamp: Ushio, Eiko, Philips and GE. AVH Technologies is therefore a partner of choice when it comes to ensuring quality and consistency of purchased products.

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